Imagine your group working with fitness coaches, doing a variety of functional movement exercises and still having a lot of fun. Our team building events with CrossFit eo are legendary.

In addition to strength, endurance, mobility, coordination and balance, overcoming mental barriers are also an important part of the training. It creates a unique group dynamic with concentrated energy and synergy.

Our CrossFit eo trainers are not only sports specialists, but also experienced professionals that can adapt to the tempo of any group.

Trainers Marco Petrik (author of „CrossFit Power Workouts”), Niki Kaiser, Vroni Maier and Jessica Dannheimer bring many years of sports experience, as well as in CrossFit.

Whether in Munich, Istanbul, the Baltic States, on the beach, in the mountains, indoors or outdoors – ‐LOCAL HERO and CrossFit eo can create a program that fits all your requirements.

With changes of lead positions, personnel changes, merging of departments or companies, our special team building events can be exactly what you’re looking for.

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